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“Redfish Lake Lodge loves having Dewey Pickette & Howe picking away on the front lawn. And WOW, can they pick! When you see the toes tapping, the children dancing, and everyone just having a great time, you know it is right. This is down-home, classic bluegrass – good as it gets. On top of the incredible musical talent, you get a group of down-to-earth great guys. They are perfect for our rustic, family-oriented setting. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”  ” - Jeff Clegg, Manager Redfish Lake Lodge
These guys are the epitome of mountain music. We love having them play our place, and they are nice guys, to boot.” - Tim Krone, Co-owner Sawtooth Hotel
“I remember walking into the Mtn Mama's fair last summer and being so drawn to the DPH sound. It was so well-balanced and crisp that I didn't want to talk to anyone, but just wanted to listen. I think I even said as much to someone. At the time I wasn't thinking analytically, I was just tapping my foot, moving a bit and delighting in how tight you guys were. So maybe DPH elicits some kind of emotional response from that clean balance, goes right to the core. I like the way you weave the instruments together, I guess that is your arranging skill. I like the diversity of songs.”” - Dana Perkins, Ecologist / Fan
Dewey, Pickette, and Howe are the premier bluegrass band in Southern Idaho. Our customers love their high lonesome harmonies and superb instrumental skills. D,P & H can’t dance very well but they always pack the house.” - Tom Ashenbrenner, Owner Rudy's A Cook's Paradise
“Thank you all so much. What fun everyone had. D, P & H made it a fun, upbeat, and rousing good time!”” - Chipper Joseph, client, rehersal dinner